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Some friends and I have been running READ for the last 12 years or so, in the field of education. Our way forward has been to adopt govt. primary schools and try to improve the quality of education and infrastructure, in these mainly rural schools. The utility of using this platform is that we do not have to open new account and staff is available to assist us in our effort. I feel honor to send you the performance report of READ. This report briefly covers our efforts made so far. This is great honor for all of us that we have helped our brothers and sisters who were in problems during this massive flood destruction.


As you all are well aware that one of the biggest natural calamities in the history has hit Pakistan, so we can't sit idly and watch the T.V. with horror and feel sorry for the country.


To take our mission ahead, my daughter, Natasha, who just done with her A-levels, got me out of my mature age and suggested we start a relief campaign by using our house in New Garden Town, lying vacant .....more details


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